Acuinuga. Acuicultura y Nutrición de Galicia


23-11-10 |

Water treatment for the seafood processing industries

The importance of the seafood processing sector in Galicia makes reliable effluent treatment technology an essential tool for this industry. The technological challenges for this application derive from the elevated organic load present in these types of industrial effluents, together with the high rates of discharge and the co-location of several processors within a given area.

Based on our long term experience in this area of activity, and as a result of a well established collaboration with the local company ATC, we approached this issue by building on a technical assemblage incorporating several companies with well proven experience on the design, production and customer-tailoring of advanced water treatment equipment.

The development of a comprehensive protocol for the identification of critical points, the minimization of water use and the constant monitorization of water quality parameters was also an essential aspect for the successful implementation of this very demanding project.