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17-08-17 |

Meeting of the international representatives for Aquamec

The annual meeting of world representatives of the Watermaster ecodredge, a multifunction machine for shallow water work, took place in Finland during the month of August. We participated as representatives of the brand in Spain and Portugal since 2.003, in a meeting attended by the directors of the company, as well as the distributors of the parent firm, Aquamec, in twenty countries spread out through Africa, America, Asia and Europe.

The working programme began with a visit to the Watermaster factory in Loimaa, which allowed us to participate in demonstrations of the operation of the ecodredge with the different options of the cutter crown (hard soil concept), cutting knife (debris, mud and vegetation), and the P200 and P250 dredging pumps.

In the technical seminar we had an opportunity to delve into the capacity of the new Classic V version, which introduces important improvements over the previous version, Classic IV. The new motorization allows for an improvement of its suction capacity by 50%, facilitating its application for both urban dredging and dredging on hard, sandy or muddy substrates. Always maintaining an agile, clean and quiet operation, in accordance with the strict standards of environmental care that characterize the Scandinavian manufacturer.

 Among other relevant activities of the programme, a technical session focusing on the marketing area was held in the historic spa center of Porvoo, in order to learn about market niches, terms of delivery and differences separating Watermaster from its competitors, as well as protocols in place for spare parts delivery, warranty and technical support. We were able to check in situ the operation of the ecodredge in the Helsinki area, in an operation involving the recovery of sensitive waste by means of the hydrotubes technique.

We would like to thank all members of staff in the company Aquamec for an efficient and caring organisation, providing us with the opportunity to meet the entire team of distributors, and to exchange valuable information on the different applications, work routines and achievements of the operations carried out by this unique ecodredge through a wide range of  natural environments. All of this taking place over the striking background of the Finnish landscape, from which we brought home very special memories.