Acuinuga. Acuicultura y Nutrición de Galicia


26-04-10 |

Acuinuga in the International Aquaculture Fair Acui 2010

As in previous editions, Acuinuga participated in the 2010 edition of the International Aquaculture Fair which took place in March at the FEXDEGA pavilion in Vilagarcía de Arousa, NW Spain. This main commercial exhibition is located at the heart of Galicia´s Aquaculture industry, and has become during these last years an excellent opportunity to personally greet customers and colleagues, and to present the latest developments within our range of activities. We seized on this occasion in order to present two relevant novelties at our stands 1 and 2: the new feed range Acuisol® for the nutrition of soles (Solea spp.) and a prototype of the HFT system (Horizontal Flow Trays) for the intensive farming of aquatic species.

Acuisol® is an innovative diet formulated on the basis of the singular capacity of soles to assimilate vegetable protein. Incorporating mainly local ingredients, the new feed range Acuisol® is characterized by its high protein and low fat levels. The unique formulation includes natural attractants and texturizers specifically developed for this application, favouring feed intake and resulting in excellent growth rates even in suboptimal conditions. The physical properties of this slow sinking diet confer it high hydrostability, facilitating solids removal and thus contributing to the maintenance of water quality parameters.

The HFT prototype, developed in collaboration with the local company INCAPLAS, allows for the intensive farming of fish, molluscs or crustaceans, targeting the vertical optimisation of farmland space and thus the enhanced profitability of Aquaculture operations. The use of innovative materials facilitates the immediate observation of the cultivar, and the integrated recirculation system provides for a flexible design accommodating very different production goals while preserving healthy farming practices.

Acuinuga's presence in Acui 2010 was further complemented with the participation of our Aquaculture Division Director, Dr. Luis Pérez Carrasco, in the technical sessions with the presentation entitled "New business opportunities within the Aquaculture sector". We are sincerely grateful to all those who shared our presence in this important event, and hope to meet again in future occasions.