Technical profile

Ingredients: Inert polymer base imprinted with a specific carbohydrate complex providing full nutritional support for the growth of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria.

Recommendations for Use: During the initial set-up of a new biofilter, use in doses of 1000 mL (800 g) per 500 L of system water. The LFB biopelletes are consumed by bacteria, thus they must be replaced regularly in the biofilter, approximately every 3-6 months of continuous operation. It is advisable to place the biofilter effluent containing the LFB biopellets in front of a protein skimmer of foam fractionator in order to ensure proper aeration, and continuosly monitor the levels of nitrates and phospathes in the water.

Presentation: LFB Biopellet: cylindrical pellets 3×5 mm(min) in 250 g plastic flasks.

Reference Price: LFB Biopellet 11 €/plastic flasks (250 g)

Additional information

Additional Information:  Delivery: 7 to 10 business days from date of order. The quoted price is for orders from 500 kg, pinal price may vary depending on purchase volume. Please contact our Commercial Office at for further details.