Flow meters
Technical profile

Digital flowmeters: Measuring units: cubic meters per second (m3/s) or litres per second (L/s). Flow Range: 1 to 70 m3/hr. Materials: PVC, Teflon and epoxy. Maximum pressure: 150 PSI. Accuracy: 1-2%. Linearity: 0.5%. Size: 5 cm diameter x 21 cm long. The pipeline requires a 5 cm female reduction.

Reference price: starting at 900 €/Unit

Mechanic flowmeters: Measuring units: litres per minute. Flow Range: 1-33 m3/hr. Materials: impact-resistant acrylic. Maximum working temperature: 91 °C. Maximum pressure: 150 PSI. Accuracy: 5%. Maximum pipeline size: 5 cm in diameter.

Reference price: starting at 143 €/Unit

Additional information

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