Natural zeolite
Technical profile

Ingredients: Hydrated aluminosilicate containing 94-96% clinoptilolite. Mineral product approved as food additive nº E-567 (EC1810/2005).

Destination and Directions for Use: In environmental applications for freshwater or saltwater Aquaculture, as a nitrifying substrate for the control of excess ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. In animal feed production as sequestering agent against aflatoxins and the removal of excess NPN.

Technical Profile: Specific surface: 30-50 cm2/g. Cation Exchange capacity: 160-220 mEq/100 g. MOHS hardness: 3,5-4. Humidity at packing: 5 %.

Presentation: Several presentations available (powder and gravels with different particle size) in 25 Kg kraft sacks or 1,000 kg Big-bags.

Reference Price*: 25 kg sacks: 0.42 €/kg; Big Bags: 0.39 €/kg

*Quotations exclude taxes and delivery costs

Additional information

The quoted price is for orders from 500 kg, final price may vary depending on purchase volume. Please contact our Commercial Office at for further details.