Total Gas Saturation Monitor
Technical profile

Dimensions: Portable meter: 16 cm X 8,5 cm X 3,2 cm.

Probe: 24,6 cm X 4.34 cm Ø. Weight 0,7 kg.

Optional DO Probe: Response time 30 sec, Temp range: 0-50ºC, max depth 60 m.

Replaceable probe cartridges (once every 3-4 weeks to avoid condensation).

Measurement Units: Total Gas Pressure (PTG), barometric pressure (BP) and Delta P in mercury milimiters, temperature in degrees centigrade (ºC) and PTG in percent saturation (%).  Accuracy: for PTG, BP and Delta P 1 mm Hg, for Temperature, 0,1 ºC and for % PTG 1 %.

Additional information

Monitors are supplied ready to use with calibration certificate, guaranteed for 24 months against any manufacturing fault. Please consult with our Aquaculture Laboratory at for further details.