Zix Virox®
Technical profile


Synergistic combination of peroxides, peracetic acid, stabilizers and surfactants.

Destination and Use:

Disinfection: For salmonid eggs,  0.25 mL to 0.50 mL/L. For egg disinfection in other freshwater species, 1.2 mL/L for 15 min. Treatment of gill disease in salmon and treatment of contaminated wounds (external flexibacteriosis), 100-200 mL/1000 L of water for 1 hour.
Hygienic profilaxis: For general water sanitizing, 10-30 mL/1000 L (seawater applications may require doubling the dose). For external disinfection after fish transport or handling, 50-150 mL/1000 L. In crustaceans, 40 mL/1000 L during 1 hour or 20 mL/1000 L for 24-48 hours.
For tanks and equipment disinfection, apply diluted to 1-2% for 6-24 hours, then rinse with water (if allowed to dry, rinsing is unnecessary). For further information please contact our Technical Department at info@acuinuga.com


Additional information

Completely biodegradable product, does not result in the generation of toxic and/or dangerous metabolites. Carefully follow the instructions of use in order to minimize risk to persons and environment. Keep away from high temperatures and direct sunlight.