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Nº 541 / 12.11.2008

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Jar incubation system

Production equipment / Reproduction



Jar-based incubation system designed for different freshwater and/or marine aquatic species. The upwelling water flow excludes the formation of anoxic zones, while ensuring the continuous rotation of the eggs within the water column. Transparent jars for accurate monitoring of the incubation process with individual inlets, thus allowing for the independent incubation of different lots. Systems fitted with 3 to 15 incubation jars.

Technical profile:


Materials: stainless steel/polypropilene/poliethylene/PVC/toughened glass. Incubation capacity: 3 jar system= aprox. 100.000 eggs; 15 jar system= aprox. 1.000.000 eggs. Dimensions: 70 cm (3) - 340 cm (15)(length) x 40 cm (width) x 190 cm (height). Required water flow 6 L/min (100K) to 60 L/min (1,000K).

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