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Nº 700 / 12.01.2015

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Activated carbon

Water treatment / Filtration media



Filtration media with micropores (<2 nm), mesopores (2-50 nm) and macropores (> 50 nm) capable of retaining macromolecules, colorants and colloids, acting as universal adsorbent. Powerful filtration material for the elimination of proteins, dyes, odours and other pollutants, both in liquid and gaseous media. Especially indicated in the removal of non-polar and high molecular volume substances (hydrocarbons, phenols, polypeptides, etc.).

Technical profile:


Ingredients: Inert activated carbon of mineral origin.

Destination and Directions for Use: Contaminant removal from aqueous solutions (freshwater, brackish or salt water): add in filtration towers, physical and biological filters, sand filters or cartridge filters.

Technical Profile: Apparent density 470 kg/m3. Humidity at packaging max 3 %. BET Internal adsorption surface: 1000 m2/g. Ash: max 5 %.

Presentation: ACU-GMI P4: 3 mm pellets in 25 kg kraft sacks. ACU-GCO 70: Powder (70 μm average particle size) in 25 kg kraft sacks.

Reference Price*: ACU-GMI P4: 4,95 €/Kg. ACU-GCO 70: 4,50 €/Kg

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