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Nº 900 / 13.11.2008

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Advanced water treatment systems

Water treatment / Water treatment equip



Study, design and installation of water treatment systems for fresh or saltwater Aquaculture facilities. Including engineering design, parameter calculation, flow requirements, water quality maintenance and improvement. Identification of treatment alternatives (open or closed systems; physical, chemical or biological filtration systems; disinfection through chlorination, UV irradiation, ozonisation, etc.) and provision of technologies and products tailored for each application such as water heaters and coolers, desaturation towers, UV lamps, ozone generators, chlorine dosing systems; sand filtration, fluidized bed filtration, zeolite, clinoptilolite, sepiolite, activated carbon, nitrifying flora, filtration cartridges, reverse osmosis membranes, etc. Monitoring, control and energy optimisation of water treatment systems with automated data logging to PC.  Installation guarantee and comprehensive technical maintenance.

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