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Nº 910 / 13.11.2008

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Oxygenation systems

Water treatment / Water treatment equip



Study, design and installation of oxygenation systems for fresh or saltwater Aquaculture facilities. Including parameter calculation, flow estimates, O2 consumption, total gas saturation analysis and optimization of oxygenation efficiency in open or close water bodies and effluents. Identification of gas treatment alternatives (stripping, homogenization, desaturation, aeration, oxygenation, ozonization, etc.) and oxygenation systems suitable for each application, such as microbubble diffusers, jets, venturis, oxygen generators, contact gas tanks, oxygenation and/or aeration towers, etc. Monitoring, control and O2 and energy optimisation of gas treatment systems with automated data logging to PC.  Installation guarantee and comprehensive technical maintenance.

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