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Nº 116 / 24.04.2009

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Mussels from the Galician Rías

Aquaculture animals / Molluscs commercial size



Galician live raft-grown mussels, selected for high meat yield, intense meat pigmentation and correct shell morphology. Delivered with full EU sanitary certification, precission size-sorted, cleansed and packed in 10 Kg mesh sacks over 900 Kg europallets.

Origen: Raft culture / Atlantic NW Spain

Price por Kg:

Size   XXL (<20 pp/Kg*)                 1,75 Euros

Size   XL    (21-26 pp/Kg*)              1,40 Euros

Size   L      (27-36 pp/Kg*)               1,10 Euros

Size   M     (37-45 pp/Kg*)               0,75 Euros

Size   S      (46-60 pp/Kg*)               0,85 Euros

* (pp/Kg: pieces per Kilogram)

Additional information:


Prices quoted are FOB for fresh/live/cleansed/packed/non-purified product. VAT not included. Minimum order 1 pallet.

Processing Options: Frozen meat XXL (50-80), XL (80-110), L (100-200), M (200-300), S (400-700) IQF 12% in 10 Kg cardboard boxes over europallet. Half shell XL (40-60), L (60-90), breaded and double shell IQF  14% in 5 or 10 Kg cardboard boxes over europallet. Other presentations and formats delivered upon request. Please contact our Commercial Office at for further details.