Acuinuga. Acuicultura y Nutrición de Galicia


Nº 000 / 05.08.2013

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Aquaculture laboratory

Analyses and measurements / Laboratory services



Provision of specialized laboratory services for hatcheries, nurseries and ongrowing facilities for both marine and continental waters. Professional service for the sanitary control of physical/chemical water parameters and livestock welfare in aquaculture farms. Microbiological and parasitological analyses for all cultivar stages, including water, surfaces and environmental monitorization. Technical advice on handling the various stages of cultivation and disease prevention, identifying customer-tailored corrective action(s).

Technical profile:


Water Physico-chemical analyses: Including: (1) Temperature, (2) Dissolved oxygen, (3) Salinity, (4) pH, (5) Conductivity, (6) Free Chlorine, (7) Total Chlorine, (8) Total Ammonia, (9) Phosphates, (10) Copper, (11) Nitrites and (12) Nitrates.

Water Microbiological analyses: Including: (1) Faecal coliforms, (2) Total coliforms and (3) Total flora.

Phytoplankton and zooplankton analyses: Identification and quantification of the most important phytoplankon and zooplankton species in continental and marine environments.

Pathogens and parasites: Professional search and identification of pathogenic organisms in internal organs. Investigation and identification of ectoparasites and endoparasites in molluscs, crustaceans or fish. Characterization of sensitivity to different antibiotics/chemoterapeutants for disease treatment design.

Product quality control: Including: (1) organoleptic characteristics (colour, odour, taste, texture), (2) Identification of potential pathogens, (3) Stomach content at any developmental stage.

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Laboratory accredited by the Consellería de Sanidade, Xunta de Galicia nº SA680A 2002/19-0. ISO CERTIFICATION: 9001:2008 Nº CA-1.061.

Frequency of analyses: monthly. Analytical assays carried out by standardized methods (ISO standards, Standard Methods, AOAC, AFNOR, etc.).

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