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Nº 323 / 04.04.2013

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Aquazix® Tablets

Water treatment / Products


Sanitizing formulation for fresh or salt water treatment in basins, ponds, lakes, reservoirs or wells. Wide biocidal activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and fungal spores. Broad fungicidal and virucidal spectrum.


Technical profile:

Combination of organic peroxides in dry tablet format.

Solid product in tablet format, easy to apply and with high solubility in fresh, brackish or salt water. For waters with low contamination levels, use 1 tablet (20 g)/1000 L. For waters with medium contamination levels, use 40 g (two 20 g tablets)/1000 L, and for waters with high contamination levels, use 60 g (three 20 g tablets)/1000 L.

Additional information:

Completely biodegradable product, does not result in the generation of toxic and/or dangerous metabolites. Carefully follow the instructions of use in order to minimize risk to persons and environment. Keep away from high temperatures and direct sunlight.