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Nº 324 / 04.04.2013

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Aquazix® Algae

Water treatment / Products



Broad spectrum algicide effective against single-cell microalgae (diatoms, haptophytes, Anabaena spp.) and multicellular macroalgae (brown, green, cyanophytes). Suitable for the prevention and treatment of undesired algal blooms in fresh, brackish and salt water. Improves water oxygenation by reducing Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), and minimizes the generation of organic vectors relevant in the emergence and spread of aquaculture diseases.

Technical profile:

Synergistic combination of algicides and anionic tensioactives.


Solid product in tablet format, easy to apply and with high solubility in fresh, brackish or salt water. Use for algae control in outdoor tanks, lagoons, reservoirs; maintenance cleansing of pipes, water ducts; disinfection of phytoplankton systems, mollusc nurseries, etc.; for cleaning nets and mesh in cages, outdoor ponds for the ongrowing of crustaceans, etc. During algicidal treatment use at 10-12 tablets/1000 m3; for the prevention of undesired blooms, use at 2-3 tablets/1000 m3.

Additional information:


Completely biodegradable product, does not result in the generation of toxic and/or dangerous metabolites. Carefully follow the instructions of use in order to minimize risk to persons and environment. Keep away from high temperatures and direct sunlight.