Acuinuga. Acuicultura y Nutrición de Galicia


Nº 325 / 08.04.2013

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Clean Zix®

Water treatment / Products



Foaming detergent, concentrated alkaline liquid for use on surfaces with high content in organic matter. Effective disinfectant for the thorough cleansing of all types of surfaces. Strong descaling power, effective for all types of waters, including very hard waters. Easy mixing and rinsing.

Technical profile:

Composition:  Alkali formulation combining tensoactive agents, humectants, emulsifiers and sequestering ingredients.

Usage Recommendations:   Apply diluted to 1.5% over surfaces with low content in organic matter; dilute to 2% for surfaces with medium content in organic matter and dilute to 3-4% for surfaces with high content in organic matter. Apply with backpack sprayer or high pressure washer using minimum possible power. The efficacy of the product improves when using warm water at 35 to 50 ºC. Do not use in closed circuits. Cleansing capacity improves by previous watering of surfaces to be cleaned. Minimum contact time: 15 min. It is recommended to avoid drying out during application. Rinse thoroughly.

Additional information:

Highly (90%) biodegradable product.