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Nº 001 / 03.11.2008

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Quality control laboratory

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Provision of specialized laboratory services for the crustacean trade, shellfish/crustaceans processing plants, frozen fish and/or caephalopods processing plants. Professional monitorization of raw materials, ingredients and final products. Service includes regular visits, sample collection and physical, chemical and microbiological analyses. Technical advice on production management, process design and waste management, identifying customer-tailored corrective action(s).

Technical profile:


Water Physico-chemical analyses: Including: (1) Temperature, (2) Dissolved oxygen, (3) Salinity, (4) pH, (5) Conductivity, (6) Free Chlorine, (7) Total Chlorine, (8) Total Ammonia, (9) Phosphates, (10) Copper, (11) Nitrites and (12) Nitrates. Reference price*: 168 €

Water Microbiological analyses: Including: (1) Total coliforms, (2) Faecal coliforms, (3) Escherichia coli, (4) Salmonella spp. and (5) Listeria monocytogenes. Reference price*: 250 €

Shellfish and crustaceans microbiology: Including: (1) Mesophillic aerobes, (2) Faecal coliforms (MPN), (3) Escherichia coli (MPN), (4) Salmonella spp., (5) Identification of Listeria monocytogenes, (6) Listeria monocytogenes count, (7) Enterobacteria count, (8) Staphylococcus aureus count and (9) Clostridium sulfite reducers. Reference price*: 700 €

Bacteriological analysis in frozen products: (1) Faecal Coliforms (MPN), (2) Escherichia coli (MPN), (3) Salmonella spp., (4) Identification of L. monocytogenes, (5) L. Monocytogenes count, (6) Enterobacteriaceae count, (7) Mesophillic aerobes and (8) Staphylococcus aureus. Reference price*: 700 €

Bacteriological analysis in fresh fish: (1) Mesophillic aerobes, (2) Enterobacteriaceae count, (3) Identification of Salmonella and Shigella spp., (4) Stapylococcus aureus count. Reference price*: 600 €

Analysis of the final product: Including: (1) Organoleptic characteristics (colour, odour, taste, texture), (2) Identification of potential pathogens. Reference price*: 200 €

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Additional information:


Laboratory accredited by the Consellería de Sanidade, Xunta de Galicia nº SA680A 2002/19-0. ISO CERTIFICATION: 9001:2008 Nº CA-1.061.

Frequency of analyses: monthly. Analytical assays carried out by standardized methods (ISO standards, Standard Methods, AOAC, AFNOR, etc.).

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