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Nº 475 / 16.03.2015

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Microalgae mix

Nutrition / Phytoplancton


Microalgae mix including four marine microalgae, suitable for the nourishment of most bivalve molluscs and crustaceans. Provides a broad particle size range (3-16 µm), ensuring an optimal nutritional profile and increasing growth rates and survival. One liter of this diet can replace up to 1800 liters of high density microalgae culture. Produced and packed in sterile conditions, it ensures a complete nutrition, enhancing growth and the vitality of the cultivar. Allows for the reduction in operational costs by diminishing on-site microalgae production requirements, and makes year-round larval production feasible.

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Microalgae included in the dietNannochloropsis spp, Isochrysis, Tetraselmis, Phaeodactylum and Thalassiosira. Dry weight 18%. We recommend the supply of microalgae several times a day (>6) in order to ensure their constant consumption by the cultivar.


Additional information:

Microalgae mix can be stored refrigerated at a temperature of -2 to 6 º C, for 10-12 weeks, maintaining their nutritional qualities unchanged. Please contact our Commercial Office at for further details.