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Nº 703 / 07.10.2013

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Filter material HDPE

Water treatment / Filtration media


Plastic filtering material especially designed for aquaculture applications. First choice as technical filter biomedia for trickiling filters and fluidized bed filters. Large active surface area for bacterial colonization and gas exchange interface.

Technical profile:

Ingredients: High density polyethylene (HDPE) in white or black colours (colour definition available upon demand).

Destination and Directions for Use: Biological filtering media suitable for filtration towers, gas stripping columns, trickling filters, submersed biofilters, rotary filters, fluidized bed filters etc.

Technical Profile: HDPE filtering biomedia available in three different formats: 12 x 10 mm with surface ​​1180 m2/m3, density of 0,96 g/cm3 and 650,000 pieces/m3; 20 x 20 mm with  surface ​​640 m2/m3, density of 0,96 g/cm3 and 130,000 pieces/m3; and 25 x 30 mm with surface 370 m2/m3, density of 0,96 g/cm3 and 50,000 pieces/m3.

Presentation: 100 L boxes or 1000 L big-bags.

Reference Price*: From 74 € per 100 L box.

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