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Nº 430 / 17.12.2013

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Culture media for Phytoplancton

Nutrition / Phytoplancton


Culture media for the production of microalgae (phytoplancton), ready for use.

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Media designed according to the requirements of both macro and micronutrients of microalgae, as well as traditional media such as f/2 or Walne, for phytoplankton production in bags or photobioreactors.

Diatoms is a medium designed for the culture of diatoms belonging to the genera Chaetoceros sp., Skeletonema sp., Thalassiossira sp., Nitzschia sp. etc.

Gold is a medium designed for the culture of species belonging to the genera Tetraselmis sp., Isochrysis sp., Pavlova sp., Nannochloropis sp., Chlorella sp., etc.

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