Acuinuga. Acuicultura y Nutrición de Galicia


Nº 494 / 24.02.2017

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Algae Meal

Nutrition / Fish meals


Dry meal derived from the refinement of marine macroalgae of the genera Chondrus spp., Gracillaria spp. and Ulva spp. Registered in the Galician Council for Ecological AGriculture with nº 426/2017

Excelent source of vegetable protein with 100% marine origin, high in pigment contents and macro and micro minerals (Ca, S, Mg, Fe, Zn, Mn). Produced under strict quality control and with very low levels of impurities resulting form the process of triple washing and vertical cyclone

Technical profile:

Dark green/brown coarse meal packed in double reinforced 1000 Kg Big Bags over europallet. 

Additional information:

Use within 1 year from packing date. Keep in a dry place. Do not exceed storage temperatures over 18ºC. Do not expose to direct sunlight.