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Nº 014 / 14.08.2013

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Flow meters

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High precision mechanical and digital flow meters, specifically designed for flow quantification in both freshwater and marine Aquaculture operations. Built in robust, corrosion-resistant materials, digital flow meters mount a digital device registering current and total flow in cubic metres per second or litres per second as digital input. High linearity and repeatability in every measurement.  Mechanical flowmeters incorporate a mechanical scale in litres per minute printed in the main body of the instrument. Quick and easy reading, easy to install and operate, these meters can be removed and relocated to a different measuring point within minutes.

Technical profile:


Digital flowmeters: Measuring units: cubic meters per second (m3/s) or litres per second (L/s). Flow Range: 1 to 70 m3/hr. Materials: PVC, Teflon and epoxy. Maximum pressure: 150 PSI. Accuracy: 1-2%. Linearity: 0.5%. Size: 5 cm diameter x 21 cm long. The pipeline requires a 5 cm female reduction.

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Mechanic flowmeters: Measuring units: litres per minute. Flow Range: 1-33 m3/hr. Materials: impact-resistant acrylic. Maximum working temperature: 91 °C. Maximum pressure: 150 PSI. Accuracy: 5%. Maximum pipeline size: 5 cm in diameter.

Reference price: starting at 143 €/Unit

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