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Nº 015 / 22.05.2013

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Digital thermometer

Analyses and measurements / Labware



Portable Digital thermometer with stainless steel needle probe. Specifically designed to accurately measure temperature in fresh/sea water, fish, transport boxes and pallets. Built in robust, corrosion-resistant materials. Easy to use, quick reading in clear LCD screen. Acquire precise and safe measurements avoiding the environmental risk of mercury spillages. Long service life. Especially suitable for monitoring water temperature, internal temperature in polystyrene boxes, etc.

Technical profile:


Measurement scale: degrees Celsius (ºC). Range: -50 to 150 ° C. Resolution: 0,1 °C. Accuracy: 0,3 °C. Response time: 20 seconds. Battery AAA, 1,5 volts, approximately 3000 hours of continuous use. Dimensions: 106 mm x 58 mm x 19 mm. Weight: 80 grams. Probe: 160 mm x 3 mm diameter with 1 meter cable.

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