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Nº 704 / 25.11.2016

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Filtration Cartridges

Water treatment / Water treatment equip


Filtration cartridges in polypropylene, polyamide, nylon, teflon, activated charcoal, stainless steel etc. Intended for deep suspended solids filtration, effluent refining, pathogen control, water treatment in hatcheries, nurseries, prefiltration, selective removal of chemicals etc. Plain, grooved, pleated, with different terminations, with or without core, suitable for use in aquaculture and water and fluid treatment. Designed with a wide contact surface, allowing for the effective retention of particles, maintaining good flow capacities even with high levels of pollutants. Long lasting and large vacuum volume within the structure of the filter medium.

Technical profile:

Areas of application: Filtration of solids in aquaculture (hatchery, nursery , grow-out, quarantine), pre-filtration in UV treatment, ozone inertization, chlorine removal, pathogen retention, drinking water purification, correction of undesirable flavors; effluent treatment, wastewater processing, odour control, sea and brackish water desalination, oil and grease retention, filtration of low viscosity chemicals, absorption of low pressure petroleum products, gas filtration, etc.

Particle retention from 100 μm to 0.05 μm. Water flow from 1 to 10 m3 / h. Outside diameter from 66 mm to 312 mm. Length from 9,75 mm to 1.178 mm. Terminations: open at both ends, steel core, O-rings with bayonet anchor, harpoon point, flat end, silicone, EDPM, Viton, NBR, etc. Types of cartridges: polypropylene or cotton winding; Polypropylene; Polyethersulfone membrane; Hydrophobic PTFE membrane; Nylon membrane; Pleated glass fiber; Cellulose and activated carbon; Lenticular of agglomerated cellulose, etc.


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