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Nº 000 / 05.06.2017

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Rainbow Trout Juveniles

Aquaculture animals / Fish seed




Tested and sorted rainbow trout juveniles (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Certified disease-free by Official European Union Veterinary Certification (OEUVC) issued against the main salmonid diseases. Individuals resulting from a breeding programme selecting for high growth ratesoptimum conversion efficiencies, correct pigmentation and strong resistance to disease. Produced in an alpine environment with cold (±9 ºC) spring water, fully weaned to our uniquely formulated dry/extruded diets, and under low densities.

Technical profile:

Average size 8-9 cm. Average weight 7-9 g. An extra 3% of the order are supplied free of charge to allow for possible mortalities during handling & transport.

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Delivery: Spring 2017.



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Payment: bank transfer- L/C on order. FOB quotation excludes transportation costs to destination, taxes and processing charges. Acuinuga's Aquaculture Division offers comprehensive technical supervision during water immersion and acclimation phases. Please contact our Commercial Office at for further details.