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Nº 000 / 06.07.2017

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Water Filter Material

Water treatment / Filtration media


We supply different kinds of Filter Material: Activated Carbon, Carbon Foam, Natural Zeolite, Biopellet LFB,  PEHD Filtering Material, etc.

Technical profile:

Activated Carbon in granules, cylinders or foam is a filtration media capable of retaining macromolecules colorants and colloids, acting as universal adsorbent.

Natural Zeolite is a powerful filtration media for fluid beds, sand filters, filter and percolation bags.

Biopellet LFB helps the initial growth of aerobic nitrifying bacteria to different salinities and temperatures that eliminate ammonia, nitrites and nitrogen compounds from water.

PEHD Filtering Material: specially designed for use in aquaculture and water treatment.

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