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Nº 900 / 12.12.2017

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AOP Water Treatment System

Water treatment / Water treatment equip




Water disinfection system that guarantees the effective treatment of industrial saline spill with capacity to treat large volumes of seawater of freshwater at moderate costs.

Based on advanced oxidation process technology  (AOPs), this new system achieves the activation of the components of the spill, guaranteeing its complete disinfection even in highly contaminated effluents.

Especially indicated in the correction of BOD and COD, reduction of ammonium and nitrogen compounds, and in the elimination of odour compounds (hydrogen sulphide, mercaptan, biogenic amines, etc).  

Technical profile:

Fully automatic units, programmable, energy efficient, robust and compact, allowing for the elimination of consumables and the permanent monitorization of critical parameters such as temperature, salinity, pH, redox potential etc. Capabilities include alarm setting and GSM dialout, data logging and remote download, internet access etc.

Offer Date/Validity: December 22 th 2017/ 40 days.

Delivery Time: 3 weeks from order confirmation.

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