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Nº 103 / 04.11.2008

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Gilthead seabream domestic juveniles

Aquaculture animals / Fish seed



Seabream (Sparus aurata) juveniles derived from domestic broodstock kept under controlled conditions and subject to a pluriannual selection programme. Double-graded fish with average body weight= 5 g, CV < 20%. The number of deformed individuals does not exceed 2%.

Technical profile:


Individuals resulting from a breeding programme selecting for high growth rates, optimum conversion efficiency, strong resistance to disease and lack of malformations. Fish vaccinated against Vibrio spp. and Pasteurella spp. Fish fully weaned to dry/extruded diets.

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Payment: bank transfer- L/C on order. An extra 1% of the order are supplied free of charge to cover for possible mortalities during handling & transport. Acuinuga's Aquaculture Division offers comprehensive technical supervision during water immersion and acclimation phases. Please contact our Commercial Office for further details at