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Nº 105 / 05.11.2008

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Brown Trout Ova

Aquaculture animals / Fish seed



Eyed-stage brown trout (Salmo trutta var. Fario) ova, derived from selected broodstock of European origin. Meticulously selected to preserve a robust genetic resource, these ova are certified disease-free by Official European Union Veterinary Certification (OEUVC) for the main salmonid diseases.

Technical profile:


Selected broodstock subject to a breeding programme targetting optimal adaptability to the environment, correct pigmentation/morphology and disease resistance. Percentage of deformities ≤ 1 %.

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Payment: bank transfer- L/C on order. Minimum order (EU): 100.000 eggs. Acuinuga's Aquaculture Division offers technical supervision services during the disinfection, quarantine, incubation, swim-up and first feeding phases, as well as strategies for successful restocking. For further details please contact our Commercial Office at