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Nº 111 / 05.11.2008

7 to 10 working days from date of order.

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9,25 /kg

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Commercial size European Oyster

Aquaculture animals / Molluscs commercial size



Commercial size flat oyster (Ostrea edulis) of excellent quality, derived from domestic broodstock under a breeding programme selecting for high growth rates, high meat content and resistance to disease. Produced in a semi intensive cultivation system in zone A Atlantic waters, certified Bonamia spp.-, Marteilia spp.- and Perkinsus spp.-free. Purified in microfiltered, sterile seawater under European Union sanitary authorization. 

Although the product is at all times kept under refrigeration (4-5 ºC) and originates from zone A waters, free of the main diseases, purification in chlorinated or ozonized seawater is advisable (24-48 h, 12-14 ºC).

Technical profile:


Maximum time from collection to delivery <36 h. Number of pieces per kg: 8 to 12. Average live weight per individual: 80-100 g.

Presentation: 20 Kg mesh bags (food grade polypropylene).

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