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Nº 115 / 10.09.2008


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Manila clam seed

Aquaculture animals / Mollusc seed


Hatchery-produced Manila clam seed. Broodstock subject to a breeding programme selecting for high growth rates, high meat content, salinity tolerance and resistance to disease. Certified disease-free, including Perkinsus spp., by official European Union sanitary certification.


Technical profile:

Carefully double-graded 10-12 mm seed (main axis length). Average individual weight= 250 mg. Approximately 4.000 pieces per kg. Packing: 20 kg food grade polypropylene sacks in polysterene boxes.


Additional information:

Delivery within 7 to 10 working days from date of order. Minimum order 100.000 pieces. Acuinuga's Aquaculture Division offers technical advice for the acclimation, seeding and grow-out phases. Please contact our Commercial Office at for further details.

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