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Nº 414 / 08.04.2013

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Nutrition / Fish diets


Complete diet for ornamental and/or food cyprinids (Cyprinus spp., Carassius spp., Ctenopharyngodon spp.). Fulfills their nutritional requirements, ensuring the vitality of the animals and enhancing their natural pigmentation. Contributes to the maintenance of water quality parameters. Personalized formula tailored to every production system.

Technical profile:

Ingredients: Fish meal. Cereals. Vegetable protein extracts. Fish oils. Probiotics. Minerals. Vitamins. Microalgae. Antioxidants. Flavourings.

Destination and Usage Recommendations: Use for ornamental and/or food cyprinids in quantity and frequency depending on size and system conditions. Use within 1 year from packing date. Ideal storage conditions: T≤18 ºC. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Keep in a dry place. Please contact our Technical Department at for further details on feeding practices and nutritional strategies.

Presentation: Floating pellets (Ø 2 to 10 mm) in 20-25 kg opaque plastic sacks.

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