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Nº 476 / 07.03.2015

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Tetraselmis 18%

Nutrition / Phytoplancton



Tetraselmis spp. concentrated golden/brown, flagellated microalgae. Suitable for the nourishment of rotifers, artemia, copepods, crustaceans and bivalve mollusks in their different developmental stages. Large in size (20-30 µm), contains high levels of lipids and essential aminoacids that stimulate feeding in marine animals. Produced and packed in sterile conditions, it ensures a complete nutrition, enhancing growth and the vitality of the cultivar. Allows for the reduction in operational costs by diminishing on-site microalgae production requirements, and makes year-round larval production feasible.

Technical profile:


Destination and Usage Recommendations:

  • Marine teleost larvae: mix 1:1 with Nannochloropsis 18% for rotifer production. Suitable for the enrichment of artemia.
  • Mollusks: we recommend a 1:1 mix with Acuiclam® for the grow-out of oysters, mussels, clams and pectinid juveniles and/or adults.
  • Crustaceans: especially relevant for the prevention of the ‘zoea syndrome'.


Additional information:


Tetraselmis 18% can be stored refrigerated (-2 / 4º C) for up 12 to 14 weeks, or frozen (-20 ºC) for up to 1 year, retaining its nutritional value in full. Please contact our Commercial Office at  for further details.