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Nº 412 / 21.10.2013

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Artemia cysts

Nutrition / Zooplancton



Selected Artemia salina cysts harvested from highly productive, contaminant-free environments within the lakes of Siberia in Russia. The reduced size of hatching nauplii (instar 1), as well as their high Ω3 and Ω6 content and good essential amino acids profile, make it an ideal food for fresh or saltwater fish larvae and crustaceans. The combination of nauplii with concentrated microalgae (Technical Sheets Nº. 472-476) ensures the complete nutrition of the cultivar, resulting in optimum growth and vitality of the crop.

Technical profile:


Nº of nauplii: 216.000/g                        Nº of cysts: 240.000/g                        Hatching rate: 90%        Size of nauplii (instar 1): 350 - 450 μm            Egg size: 180 - 200 μm

Presentation: Nitrogen-sealed 550 g bags.

Minimum purchase: 4,4 Kg (eight 550 g bags).

Additional information:


Recommended hatching conditions: Salinity: 20 ppm. pH: 8,5. Temperature: 28 ºC. Light intensity: 1.500 lux. Constant aeration. Incubation time: 24 hours.

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