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Nº 491 / 06.11.2008

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60% Fish KIX meal

Nutrition / Fish meals



High digestibility fish meal, made from selected fresh fish discards and fish waste. The raw material is kept refrigerated (4 ºC) until processing. Produced under very careful conditions, with less than 15 minutes total processing time. The cooking process lasts for 2 minutes at 90º C. The drying phase takes place in an air drier, where the water is removed almost instantaneously under a "flash off" system. The end result is a high protein meal retaining most of the original protein content and with the highest nutritional standards, including a high biological value and high water and oil retention capacities.

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Packing: Double reinforced 1000 kg Big Bags.

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Use within 1 year from packing date. Keep in a dry place. Do not exceed storage temperatures over 18 ºC. Do not expose to direct sunlight.