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Nº 532 / 07.11.2008

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Automatic solar feeder

Production equipment / Feeding



Automatic solar feeder suitable for sites without access to electricity supply. Load capacity of up to 60 Kg of feed. Built in extruded plastic providing maximum robustness, the waterproof, easy loading silo guarantees feed preservation even in difficult conditions (cage culture, exposed environments, high rain/humidity, high solar radiation, predators, etc.), while contributing to reduce energy expenditure. The delivery mechanism ensures homogeneus and continuous feed distribution.

Technical profile:


Feeder is delivered ready for use, making installation very simple. Pellet size accepted ranges from 1 to 12 mm. 6 V/12 V solar output; 24-hr electronic timer, connection to 12 V/24 V, 230 V. Spare parts readily available and easily assembled.

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