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Nº 524 / 07.11.2008

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Technical liners for Aquaculture

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Waterproof, protective technical liners suitable for the coating of difficult surfaces such as concrete tanks, hygienic and non-slip pavements for hatcheries and nurseries, field seamed liners for grow-out ponds. Industrially tested for many liquids and gases, resistant to chloride salts and UV radiation. Durable, toxic-free and environmentally safe.

Technical profile:


- Epoxy resins, self-levelling. Approx. density 1.3 g/cm3. Solid content 100% by volume. Recommended dry film thickness: 300 μm. Theoretical yield: 3.3 m2/L for a 300 μm layer. Drying time: 5 hours. Repainting interval: 40 hr min, 20 d max. Fully cured in 5 days.

- Polyethylene and PVC geomembranes high/low density. Standard dimensions: 200 m (L) x 7.5 m (W). Thickness range 0.5 mm to 6 mm. Standard components (approx.): 97.5% polyethylene/PVC, 2.5% carbon, trace antioxidants and heat stabilizers. Typical density 0.94 g/cm3.

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