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Nº 525 / 07.11.2008

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Tubs and containers for aquatic species

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Containers for fresh or saltwater aquatic species. Built in high quality, robust materials, ensuring their extended durability under rough handling or extreme environmental conditions. Tubs with round edges and smooth walls guaranteeing hygiene and biosafety while minimizing scratching injuries. Thermal insulation  avoids sudden temperature changes. Drain outlets, insulated lid, volumetric scale, inner drainage screen and extra fittings upon request.

Technical profile:


Polyethylene/polyurethane sandwich. Dimensions: min 91 cm (length) x 71 cm (width) x 68 cm (height) max 147 cm (length) x 117 cm (width) x 88 cm (height). Vol: 260 to 930 L. Weight: 26 to 86 kg. 2-4 outlet drains (ø=5 cm). Forklift-ready base. Stackable.

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