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Nº 528 / 07.11.2008

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Mollusc seed collectors

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Tubular, disc-shaped and hat-like collectors designed for the selective settlement  of mollusc seed (oysters, mussels, scallops, clams, etc.). Built in inert, robust materials treated with UV protection, resistant to corrosion and repeated handling. High specific surface with a rough texture, optimizing settlement rates  in the natural environment. Seeds may be manually or automatically removed. Collectors are designed to be suspended from floating or submerged rafts, long-lines systems, poles or stacked in piles in suitable areas.

Technical profile:


Rugged tubes  Dimensions: 2.22 cm (ø) x 16.51 cm (length). Weight 226 g. Material: PVC. Collection yield: approx. 400-500 seeds/tube (depending on deployment location).

Hat type (unassembled)  Dimensions: 15.7 cm (ø) x 6.1 cm (height). Material: polyethylene. Collection yields: 200 seeds/hat (depending on deployment location).

Plastic trays Dimensions: 59 cm (length) x 59 cm (width) x 11.5 cm (height). Material: polyethylene/polypropilene. Collection yield: 7000 seeds per tray.

Artificial macroalgae  In black only. Material: polypropilene sheeting bound to a central stem. Texturized plastic surface to maximize byssus adhesion.

Chinese artificial algae  Material: polypropilene. Interwoven rope with high specific area. Rope length from 200 m.

Christmas tree rope  Material: extruded polypropilene. UV protected rope-like design with high specific area. Ropes and strings length from 220 m.

Additional information:


Please contact our Commercial Office at for further enquiries and advice on seed collection strategies.