Acuinuga. Acuicultura y Nutrición de Galicia


Nº 511 / 07.11.2008

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Electronic fish counter

Production equipment / Handling



High precision (99%) electronic fish counter. Facilitates the precise estimation of biomass  during the adjustment of stocking densities, feeding levels, vaccination protocols etc. Easy to use, animals slide through 1-4 independent scanning channels. The number of fish passing through each channel is registered by a central control station. Overlap errors are minimized by state-of-the-art algorithmic software. Fits live fish pumps and automatic graders (Technical Sheets nº 510 and 512), making the transfer, grading and counting of the cultivar possible within a single operation.

Technical profile:


Central C.P.U. unit. 3 scanner units. 3 V-shaped counting channels. 3 interconnecting coaxial cables. 1 audio alarm. Accuracy 99%. Suitable for counting fish ranging 3 g to 6 kg in body weight.

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