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Nº 540 / 12.11.2008

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Egg incubation system

Production equipment / Reproduction



Egg incubation system specifically designed for the hatching to swim-up stages of salmonid eggs (trout, salmon, char, etc.). Based on the principle of vertical flow, it provides optimum rearing conditions while minimizing clean-up and maintenance, facilitating the descent of yolk-sac larvae into the incubation tray. Includes pipe outlet and holds 4 to 7 incubation baskets.

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Incubation tray dimensions: 200/360 cm (lentgh) x 44 cm (width) x 17 cm (height). Materials: fibreglass/polyesther/polyethylene/polypropylene/PVC. Incubation basket dimensions: 40 cm x 40 cm. Incubation capacity: 50,000 eggs/basket. Construction in fibreglass/polypropilene with stainless steel/aluminum bottom screen. Drainage system fitted with protective mesh to prevent the escape of yolk-sac larvae and/or fry from incubation tray. Customized dimensions available upon request.

Reference Price*: Incubation tray: 430 € (4); 640 € (7)/Unit. Incubation basket: 165 €/Unit.

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