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08-03-11 |

More than 20,000 visits to our web site during 2010


The analysis of the information supplied by Webalizer® reveals that our web site registered more than 20,000 visits during 2010, for the first time since it started operating; exactly 20,874 visitors used our pages last year.

Spain was the country where most visits originated, reaching an average of 8% of the total, followed by other European Union countries such as Holland (2%), Italy (2%), France (2%) and the United Kingdom (2%). With regards to visitors from outside Europe, the United States topped the list with 7% of the total, followed by the Russian Federation (3%) and Morocco (2%). Overall, our web site received visits from 107 different countries, with a strong Latin American presence (Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Cuba) and also from the Pacific area (Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, China).

The analysis of our website traffic during 2010 also shows that the most common search terms were "mollusk seed" and "egg counter", together with technical terms related to larval feeding ("microdiets", "nannochloropsis", "artemia") and search words linked to our Laboratory activity ("uronema", "enterobacteriae", "flexibacter").

During the analyzed period the daily number of visits ("unique daily visits") to our web site averaged values in excess of 100, the monthly average number of visits was higher than 2,700, and the number of pages read daily was more than 400.

We are sincerely grateful to all those who visited our pages during last year, as we hope to be able to keep their interest in our activities, improving content quality and service efficiency. We cordially invite all those who wish to do so to visit us again this year.