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17-10-11 |

Representation agreement with Aquamec

Our Aquaculture Division has just formalized a representation agreement with Aquamec, the Finnish manufacturer of the eco-dredge Watermaster. Watermaster is a multipurpose water construction machine with excellent mobility.

Watermaster is suitable for numerous applications, for example:

-   Inland and coastal work: deepening and cleaning shallow water areas

-   Environmental work: flood prevention, vegetation & trash removal

-   Construction work : piping system and cable works, building works in water environment

-   Industrial work: maintenance and cleaning of industrial basins and mining ponds

Watermaster is designed for shallow waterways, small rivers, lakes, ponds, basins and sea shores. The maximum working depth is about 6 meters.

Our working environment allows us to offer, in collaboration with Aquamec, comprehensive technical projects including the preliminary assessment of dredging activities, in observation of the current regulatory framework. Acuinuga's Laboratory, accredited with certification ISO 9001:2000, becomes an essential component for the successful carrying out of these projects, including bathymetric analyses, the geological and geotechnical characterization of substrates and materials to be dredged, and environmental impact assessment studies (hydrodynamics, ecosystem profiling, etc.).

We are very aware of the need to optimize dredging operations, both environmentally and economically. Thus we place special emphasis in the design of customer-tailored, value-adding strategies for the valorization of waste materials resulting from dredging operations. These may include their application in civil engineering projects, agriculture, fisheries, environmental correction works or aquaculture. We also design effective strategies for the inertization, isolation and further biodisposal of potentially contaminant materials. Please contact in order to receive further information.