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07-11-08 |

New line of diets for turbot


Acuinuga's Nutrition Division introduces Acuiturbot®, a new line of diets for the feeding of turbot (Scophthalmus maximus).

These extruded diets, prepared with local ingredients, satisfy the nutritional requirements of the cultivar while maintaining high palatability properties, ensuring optimum conversion factors. These new technical diets form part of a feeding strategy aimed at the production of leaner fish, incorporating in their formula levels of fat under 12% in dry matter.

Capitalizing on the latest technological developments in Aquaculture nutrition, the Acuiturbot® line includes two innovative ingredients which make these diets truly unique in comparison with similar products already present in the market. The inclusion of microalgae enhances natural pigmentation and reinforces the immunocompetence of the cultivar, making the fish less prone to disease and nutritional deficiencies.

Acuiturbot® also incorporates active water quality enhancers, capable of sequestering toxins and improving the farming environment even under very intensive conditions, particularly relevant during the nursery and on-growing phases. 

In our search for cost-effective solutions within this fascinating field of animal production, this new line adds to our comprehensive portfolio of Aquaculture products which have been developed in close collaboration with our valued Customers.