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26-02-13 |

Oyster cultivation in long-lines


A young Icelandic company relies on Acuinuga for the development of a pioneering Project for the cultivation of oysters with the long-line system.Located at the shores of Husavik within the bay of Skjálfandi in the northern coast of Iceland, this project is aimed at the diversification of the local production of mussels, developing the cultivation of oysters in an environment characterized by pristine waters -but also by strong currents and low temperatures.

The cultivation of Crassostrea gigas takes place predominantly in Asia, although the impact of several diseases, particularly in France, has awakened the interest of an industry for the supply of a market with a yearly consumption of 5 million tonnes, and an estimated gross value of 25 billion euro. The planting of triploid seed, the implementation of new production techniques and the use of natural anti-fouling compounds are some of the key elements which are resulting in the enhancement of productivity in traditional installations. 

Within the framework of this collaboration, which includes the provision of certified seed and the comprehensive advice during all production and marketing phases, a delegation from Iceland visited Galicia during the winter of 2013. The objective of this visit was the participation in a technical workshop structured around four different modules, covering the current state-of-the-art, the present techniques for cultivation, health control and traceability, and a market perspective for the oyster aquabusiness.

The visitors from Iceland had also the opportunity to learn current practices for the cultivation of this species at the Ría de Arousa (NW Spain). A visit to several oyster rafts provided  first hand training on the seeding, grow-out, harvesting, post-harvest depuration and marketing activities, in order to contrast  know-how, and to progress in the adaptation and refinement of present work routines to local environmental conditions.