Con el objetivo de incrementar la eficiencia en el cultivo de especies acuáticas, el área de Gestión de la Producción de la división de Acuicultura de Acuinuga participa en la provisión de conocimientos y tecnología y en la consultoría de gestión en Acuicultura.

Feeding on our long-term expertise but keeping a flexible, multidisciplinary approach, here at the Production Management Unit we supply productsservices and know-how for the optimisation of the aquabusiness.

Our main activity is the comprehensive development of aquaculture projects, including the totality of technical and biological aspects but with a strong focus on their economic feasibility.
We also carry out the design of facilities and processes for the production of aquatic species, and provide all-embracing advice on the legal, financial and commercial aspects relevant to the aquabusiness.
Throughout the years we have developed two areas of particular expertise. One of them is the technology for water quality control, including the removal of ammonia and its toxic metabolites, but also the maintenance of effluent quality both in fresh and saltwater farms.
A second area of strength are the value-adding and marketing steps of the production process, including the processing, filleting, smoking, pasteurizing, freezing, canning, packaging and labelling of the final product.
Share your ideas with us if you are interested in the aquaculture industry, the fastest-growing agribusiness of the century.

Acuinuga´s Aquaculture Division main units:

Genetics and Reproduction UnitPathology Unit