The Pathology Unit of Acuinuga´s Aquaculture Division works in the prevention, profilaxis, diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting aquatic species.

This is accomplished through:

  • The diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases and parasitic zoonoses, toxic blooms of phytoplanktonic origin or diseases derived from poor management by means of:
    • The on-site, regular collection of biological samples such as water, substrates, diets, faeces and finished product.
    • Their analysis in our Laboratory through analytical assays under standardised protocols (ISO, Standard Methods, GLP, AOAC, AFNOR).
    • The use of reliable software tools specifically developed for the diagnosis and therapy of aquatic animal diseases.
  • The supply of disinfectants specifically designed for the aquatic environment, antimicrobial, antiparasitic and immunostimulant substances approved for the Aquaculture industry.
  • The production of individually tailored hygiene-and-profilaxis plans aimed at the enhancement of water quality and the prevention of disease.
  • The continuous assessment on technical improvements guaranteeing the consumer optimum animal welfare, the best cultivar quality and the highest safety standards.

Acuinuga´s Aquaculture Division main units:

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