Technical profile

Trickling filters in polyester, polypropylene and PVC. Modular design with filtration capacities ranging from 10 to 220 m3/h. Filtration media with high nitrification and pH stabilisation potential. Aerobic chamber filters in polyester resin, fibreglass and stainless steel with filtration capacities ranging from 7 to 90 L/s, 30 to 80 μm particle size and working pressures from 2.5 to 4 kg/cm2. Incorporating a secondary water collector in the bottom of the filter to prevent the formation of anaerobic pockets. Cartridge filters in nylon, stainless steel mesh, impregnated resin, polypropylene fibers, activated carbon etc. Filtration capacities ranging from 0.4 to 1 L/s, 0.1 to 5 μm particle size and available in several lengths (5 to 100 cm).

Additional information

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