Environmental Laboratory
Technical profile

Control of flat and irregular surfaces: Including: (1) Total mesophillic aerobes, (2) Total Enterobacteria and (3), fungi and yeast identification and quantification.

Environmental control: Including: (1) Total flora quantification and (2) fungi and yeast identification and quantification.

Monitoring of Operators: Including the testing of hands and nostrils of Staff involved in the handling of raw matters and foodstuffs. To be determined: (1) Identification and count of Staphylococcus aureus.

Additional information

Laboratory accredited by the Consellería de Sanidade, Xunta de Galicia nº SA680A 2002/19-0.

ISO CERTIFICATION: 9001:2008 Nº CA-1.061.

Frequency of analyses: Variable. Analytical assays carried out by standardized methods (ISO standards, Standard Methods, AOAC, AFNOR, etc.).

For further information, queries on other specific analyses and the preparation of a detailed offer, please contact our Laboratory at laboratorio@acuinuga.com.